Side control – Opponent’s arm beneath yours (Brabo choke)

Here’s some grappling dummy training when your opponent has his arm on the low side of your arm. He’s turning toward you to escape side control, and may be grabbing your leg for a reversal.

We’re focusing on Brabo choke in this video.

The first technique is to simply stuff his head and do the Brabo choke.

The next technique is to underhook his leg and drive him flat onto his back

The 3rd technique is to put your hand to the ground to block him from putting you in guard, then complete the brabo choke.

Then, if your opponent blocks your brabo choke by grabbing his own pants, you can grip his wrist with both hands for a kimura style shoulder lock.

And finally, if you can’t complete the above technique, you can throw your leg over his arm and go to an omoplata shoulder lock.

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Keep training!