Reverse Scarf Position

Here’s some reverse scarf position techniques and details to train on your Submission Master grappling dummy.

These are demonstrated on the Submission Master Grappling Dummy.

One reason to use this position is simply because it’s less common, meaning your opponent may not know how to counter it.

First, it’s important to keep one foot far back, to prevent your opponent bridging to reverse you and get the top position.

Then, you need to block your opponent’s knees so he can’t knee strike you to the head.

If he has his leg up to block you from mounting, that allows you to weave your arm through his legs for better control, to put an ankle lock on him, to jump up to reverse knee on stomach, or to bring one knee in and go to knee bar.

You’re able to wrap his arms around his neck from this position, too. You can do that by using your elbow to wrap it, or use your entire body to wrap it.

Because you’re blocking his vision, you can pull your foot over him to take mount.

If he scoops under your arm with his arm to come up, you can complete a brabo choke.

You can also wrap his arm around his neck with your body and do a brabo choke on the other side.

To kick over to mount and avoid being bridged, you have 3 options with your arm:

1 – chop your hand deep under his back, then drive your weight onto his neck to choke him as a distraction.

2 – put your hand under his neck, then use your weight again to choke as a distraction while you kick over to mount.

3 – turn your arm backwards so it’s already in position to prevent his bridge

A couple examples of submissions you can do after kicking over to mount are finishing with a brabo choke, or bringing your arm to the other side of his head and lifting his arm for a straight arm lock.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris