Grappling Dummy Drills – Retaining Guard Position (no gi)

Here’s some grappling dummy training and techniques to train with the Submission Master the closed guard position when you’ve got his head and arm wrapped…

…these are mostly for retaining the position and keeping your opponent controlled. You might want to do that, depending on the situation.

I usually like to practice by “position” rather than by “technique” because I like to know several things I can do when I get to any position.

1 – Keep his arm controlled by putting your foot to his hip.

2 – Retain his arm by gripping your own belt / pants on the opposite side. This makes your grip very tight on his arm and pretty much impossible for him to release it.

3 – Block his punches by shrimping your hips the opposite direction, then putting your foot to his hip so your knee comes to your elbow

4 – To strike from the above position, throw your knee over his upper back to keep him down. Then, you can free up one hand to strike, elbow or gauge.

5 – Just get some time to rest by taking your arm to the opposite side his head, and grab your ankle (same side as that arm)

6 – And lastly, feed his wrist under his belly, then grab your own wrist with your other hand.

Keep training!