North South Position – His Arms Between Your Arms

Here’s some North South techniques to train on the Submission Master Grappling Dummy. These are when your opponent’s arms are BETWEEN your arms. 

In the first technique, you drive him up onto his side, and slide your knee behind his back. When he turns back into you to prevent you taking his back, kick your leg over him to take the mount.

In the second technique, you grab his clothes behind his shoulders, popup onto your feet as you lift him vertically, then, sit down, slide back as you pull him toward you and get his back.

The next technique is when your opponent pushes you away as he puts his knees to your chest in order to spin to guard. Block his head with your knees so he can’t spin, grab his legs, hook one leg, throw the other away, kick over to a knee bar.

The last technique starts off like the 3rd one, but you just grab one foot and do an ankle lock right from that position.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris