Mount vs. Opponent Wrapping Your Waist

Here’s some techniques from the mount position…

…that you can do when your opponent wraps your waist to protect himself from punches.

These techniques are demonstrated on the Submission Master grappling dummy.

1 – Bring your upper body up and just let gravity create some space, allowing you to put your forearm in to your opponents face or neck. Grind your forearm against him to cause pain and force him to release his grip.

2 – Bring your knees high up under your opponent’s armpits. This will force his wrap lower down your body, and you can use your entire body as a wedge to push upwards and break his grip

3 – Simply go to side control. The leverage of your body twisting sideways may be enough to break his grip

4 – If he continues to hold on in #3 above, complete a brabo choke from side control

5 – Raise your upper body up, but allow him to keep his wrap. This will open him up for a guillotine choke.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris