Mount Position vs. Shrimp to Guard (Knee Push)

Here’s 6 techniques for countering when your opponent tries to shrimp to guard that you can train on your grappling dummy.

The first 2 are very basic, but get a little more interesting from there!

My “training partner” in the video is the Submission Master grappling dummy.

1 – The most basic is to cup his elbow (or wrist), lift it and slide your knee up under his armpit.

2 – You can also scoop your arm under his arm, drive it forward, then bring your knee up under his armpit.

3 – Post your knee into the ground on the side he’s pushing, then plant your other foot tight behind his back to prevent his butt from sliding back. Underhook his arm and go back to the same positions as above.

4 – Block his head with your hand which prevents him from curving his body into a “C” position that he needs in order to shrimp out from under your mount.

5 – The same concept as above, but block his head with your head.

6 – You can always simply leave the mount and go to knee on stomach position. Using a grappling dummy to train this is perfect, as it allows you to put the pressure on with your knee that a training partner won’t be able to endure.

Keep training!

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