Modified Scarf Position Submissions

Here’s some tips for controlling your opponent in modified scarf position, followed by techniques you can do from that same position.

In this video, I first cover the basics of the position.

Then, the first technique is to kick over his head, then do a straight arm bar.

Next, you can feed his arm down under his leg for a Americana / Keylock style armlock

Third, if he pushes your head away, you can attack that arm with an Americana / Keylock style armlock.

Fourth, you can put your shin behind his arm, then kick your other leg over his head for an armbar.

The fifth submission is done when his arm comes to the floor. You can kick over his head, figure 4 your legs, pull his arm and complete a triangle choke.

From that same position, you also have 3 techniques on his other arm… a straight arm lock, an Americana / Keylock armlock or a Kimura armlock.

Similarly, you can begin with the same position, but roll back instead and complete the same submission from your back with your opponent on top.

Keep training!