Kimura Variations from Side Control

Here’s some KIMURA armlock variations for training on the Submission Master grappling dummy. 

Like a recent video I did, this is also when his arm is on the “high” side of your head.

First – you can trap his arm, and when he tries to free it, you are ready with a Kimura armlock right from side control, or you can kick one leg over his head for better leverage and base.

Next, if he grabs his pants to defend against the kimura lock, you can change your grip to the one shown in the video, scissor your legs, and do a variation of the kimura lock that’s extremely powerful. Be careful with that one.

The third technique is also when he grabs his pants to defend against the kimura. You scissor, put your foot in the space between his arm and his body, lift him and fall to the opposite side for an arm bar.

The fourth technique starts off the same, go to the point where you’ve lifted him. But this time, you put your foot in front of his neck as you fall to the side. Reach behind his head and pull it toward you for a neck crush / choke similar to the Gogoplata submission.

Again, you can purchase the Submission Master BJJ grappling dummy at

Keep training!