Grappling Strategies – Plan B

Whenever possible, have a “plan B” or alternate move in mind in case the grappling move you’re using fails. Without an alternate plan, you could exhaust yourself trying to get the tap. Or, you have to just let go and basically start all over.

Let’s take the guillotine choke for example. Ever find yourself  unable to complete them?

If it seems like your opponents are often able to just hold on until you fatigue, read on…

First, keep in mind a basic principle in fighting… you CAN’T afford to get fatigued before your opponent. It’s a HUGE disadvantage if you tire out first.

So, rather than just squeezing until you’re out of gas, have a couple “Plan B’s” ready to go.

Here are some simple ones to use once you realize you’re not going to get the tap…

#1 – throw your leg over the opponent’s arm he’s using to defend against the guillotine. Voilà, the triangle choke’s right there.

Even easier is…

#2 – go right from the guillotine to a kimura. You’ll find his arm is pretty unprotected and available for you.

Watch this video to see these demonstrated…

There are plenty more tactics available, but the idea here is to have your “alternatives” beforehand, so you can hit that plan b without missing a beat.

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  1. Good stuff. This is a very good point. I relate everything in life to either BJJ or fly fishing and it works here too. In fly fishing often times you will have two or even three flies tied to the same line. This increases the opportunity for success. It’s the same thing with grappling; if your first fly (submission) isn’t a success you still have another one coming right after it.

    These are what we call ‘transitions’ in our gym. One example; fan sweep (fail) to kimura (fail) to guillotine.

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