Grappling Dummy Drills – Side Control #1

Here’s some side control techniques to train on your grappling dummy when your opponent’s arm is on the high side of your head.

First is the head and arm choke when your arm is behind his neck. First you take the mount position. You can choke from there, or go to side control to finish your opponent.

The second one is a stockade neck crank. There’s a couple variations to how you can finish this submission.

3rd, you can go around his head to side control on the other side his body.  Initially, you can just control him, but there’s plenty of submission and techniques you can do right there. I’ll cover them in another video.

The fourth move is to wrap his arm tight so he feels like it’s trapped. When he tries to free it, you are waiting for him with a kimura lock.

The fifth move is a leglock and neck crank, and it comes out of nowhere.

Lastly, you have a “knee crush” technique that’s a devastating move.

Again, these submission are being demonstrated on the Submission Master grappling dummy from