Grappling Dummy Drills – Side Control #2

I recently showed you some Side Control techniques on the Submission Master dummy to do when your opponent’s arm is to the “high” side of your head.

Today, I’m about to show you techniques to do when his arm’s on the OTHER (“low”) side of your head.


The first technique is to drive your leg across the opponent’s mid-section to take the mount position.

The next technique is to make him feel his arm is trapped on that side of your head so he wants to get it out. When he escapes it, you’re in position to do an Americana / Keylock.

Technique 3 is to drive his arm straight using your chest, then do a straight arm lock.

Then, technique 4 is to do a sitting back straight arm elbow lock armbar.

The following technique is to do an arm bar on the opposite side of your opponent’s body.

The last technique from side control here is when your opponent hooks your leg with his. You will use your own leg to do a knee crank leg lock on him as shown in the video.

The Submission Master is perfect for BJJ, MMA and other types of submission grappling.

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Keep training!
Bob Dorris