Grappling Dummy Drills – Omoplata variations

Here’s a few omoplata variations you can train using the Submission Master grappling dummy available from https://GrapplingDummy.Net

So, the first one is the omoplata (obviously!)

From that position, if your opponent sits up, you can to to a Triangle Choke.

Or, if he straightens his arm and you can’t shoulder lock it, you go to a Brabo Choke.

If you can’t even sit up, you have 2 options from right where you’re at:

First, you can put your arm between his legs, grip his wrist and submit him with a wrist lock.

Or, you can grip his ankle and submit him with an ankle lock.

Sometimes, your opponent will try to reverse you by diving under your body to roll you over. but, if you let your body go limp, you’ll naturally fall into a side control top position.

In technique 7, you go for omoplata but your leg gets trapped under your opponent. Post up and fall back to the opposite side of your opponent for an armbar.

Again, these submission are being demonstrated on the Submission Master grappling dummy from