Grappling Dummy Drills – Guard Position techniques while defending his punches

Last week, I recorded a video showing techniques where you’re in guard overwrapping your opponents head and arm. This time, it’s nearly the same position, but it’s techniques you can do when you’re defending punches from his untrapped arm.

The base position here is:

When your opponent punches with his free arm, you shrimp your hips to the other side. Then put your foot on his hip and your elbow to your knee. He won’t have any space or openings to land punches at that point.

So, in technique 1, use your knee to drive him to the side, scoop his other leg and sweep/reverse him to get the top mount.

And then, in the 2nd technique, drive him upward with your knee to his arm, take your leg up and over that arm and go to triangle choke.

In technique 3, you drive upward toward centerline using your knee to his arm. Then, immediately drive your leg straight through to make space and grip his wrist for a kimura lock.

And in technique 4, if going for triangle choke (technique 2 above), but he grabs and pins your other leg to pass to guard, take your free leg over his arm. From that position, then pull his other arm toward you while you drive that leg away to free his grip. Complete the triangle choke.

Technique 5 has you reaching behind his back to grab his wrist. Then grab his wrist with your other hand as well. Re-grip for a more secure hold and pull toward you for a shoulder lock behind his back.

And finally, in technique 6, you kick your leg over him, turn your hips toward the floor and do a face down arm bar. You can also grip his ankle and roll him over for a rolling armbar.

Keep training!