Escaping the North South Kimura

Listen, kimura from north south is always going to be a threat, as long as you grapple. So…

…why not master your escapes from it so at least that’s one thing you never have to worry about? (Well, sort of…)

Here’s a nice breakdown from Invisible Jiu Jitsu of one way to deal with the kimura from north south. I don’t particularly recommend you start wearing pink gi pants, but otherwise, the technique is solid.

(Note: I’d prefer to grab my own collar if possible, rather than my belt as he does here. I think it’s a much tougher grip to break.)

I particularly like his point that “Where’s there’s a kimura, there’s an armbar”. That’s true whether you’re doing the kimura, or getting it done on you. Watch here…

You’ll find other kimura escapes inside the iGrapple, so be sure to check that out, as well, if you’re focusing on on your escapes from this position right now.

Also, I recorded a few ways to protect against the kimura from north south that I demo’d on the Submission Master grappling dummy.

If you haven’t really fortified yourself against the kimura from north south yet, I suggest you do that now. Like I said, it’s always going to be part of the grappling game, so it’s time well spent.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris

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