Countering the Guard Armbar Defense

These are techniques you can do when your opponent’s inside your guard and you have an arm bar on him but he’s defending against it.

So, the first one is a reversal that puts him flat on his back. From there, you can more easily break his grip. I posted another video recently showing you some ways to break his grip.

Btw, there’s a ton of techniques you can do from that position inside of the iGrapple Mobile app .

The second technique is a pain submission. You figure 4 your legs over his arm, doing an elbow crush on his trapped arm with your legs.

In the next technique, you’ll push your opponent up and away, causing him to push back towards you. Since his arms are trapped, you can just relax your legs and his momentum will cause him to fall to the floor where you can continue with the armbar from a more advantageous position.

The fourth technique uses your knee to drive your opponents head away from his arm, weakening his position and allowing you to bar his arm over your hip.

And the fifth technique is used when he pulls his arm free. You transion to an arm bar on the opposite arm. It’s one of my favourite submission techniques.

The sixth technique is also done when he pulls his arm free. You submit him with a straight arm elbow lock on the other arm that is still between your legs.

And the last technique is also done when he pulls his arm free. You simply move your leg to the other side of his head a complete a leg triangle choke.

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Keep training!
Bob Dorris