Corkscrewing arm triangle from north south

Any time your opponent’s arm is BEHIND yours, either from north-south or side control, you can  easily wrap his arm around his neck.

From there, he’s in BIG trouble. I love doing this move and it’s great for self-defense as well as submission grappling, so check it out…

The steps are:

  • Move your arm so opponent’s arm is BEHIND yours
  • Drag your arm tight to the floor as you move to side control, wrapping his arm around his neck
  • Your arm goes under his head and you grip your hands together
  • Slide your knee over him to mount position
  • Use free hand behind his head to keep it tight to your head so he can’t pull his arm out
  • Remove your “wrapping” hand and replace it under his arm
  • Finish there with one of the grip in the video, or finish from side control

Keep Training,
Bob Dorris