Butterfly Guard Counters

Here’s some grappling dummy techniques to train for when you’re in your opponent’s butterfly guard. The Submission Master grappling dummy is available from https://grapplingdummy.net

1 -Bring knees close, arm around instep, grap pants, pass his butterfly guard.

2 – From inside butterfly guard, take your knee out, back in on other side foot. Arm around instep, pass.

3 – Stuff head, push arm across, sprawl and go toside control. Finish with Brabo Choke.

4 – When opponent overwraps both arms, pulls you tight and lays back for an elevator sweep. Put your head to his chest to prevent him laying back.

5 – If opponent does get the butterfly guard sweep, kick your leg far back to “put on the brakes”, block his knee so he can’t keep coming toward you, take side control.

Keep Training!
Bob Dorris