6 Americana (Keylock) Alternatives

So, many times when you’re going for an Americana from the mount position, you just can’t finish it.

Maybe he’s too flexible, too strong or he’s just good at defending it. Well, here’s some alternatives when your going for an Americana / keylock, but you can’t finish it.

These techniques are demonstrated on the Submission Master grappling dummy.

Starting from the Americana (a.k.a. keylock) position:

1 – Switch grip, put hand under his head, slide your knee across his belly to a scarf-like position, lift his head and finish with another type of Americana.

2 – If you can’t make him tap because you’re unable to slide his arm back far enough – Slide your foot across so you can go to cross body. This gives you more space to pull his arm much further back and et the tap.

3 – Abandon the Americana keylock completely, grip his foot with both hands and pull it toward you, creating pressure over your shin behind his knee for the submission.

4 – Start as above #3, but take your leg over his head from side control and finish him with a straight arm lock.

5 – Slide one knee high under his armpit, put the other foot to the ground, lift him on his side, throw your leg over his head for armbar.

6 – Switch grips, lift his head with other hand, throw your leg over his arm, figure 4 your legs, push his arm across his neck for a leg triangle choke.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris