7 Submissions from Mount Position

Here’s the 3rd in my award-winning series 😀 of mount position training…

…on the Submission Master grappling dummy. But you know what’s really cool?

Three of them are leglocks! (Who does leglocks from the mount, right?)

These techniques are all done from mount position when your opponents arms are below yours (see the video if you don’t know what that means).

1 – you over-wrap your opponents arm, bring that side foot up to the floor, other hand on his head, knee over his head, fall to the side and pinch your knees together for arm bar.

2 – with his legs grapevined, fall to the side, base your leg back, kick your other leg straight while pressing his head with both hands for a knee crank.

3 – do a backward strike with your elbow to his head, when he lifts his head to protect wrap his head for guillotine choke.

4 – if you can’t arch your back far enough to complete the guillotine, fall to the side and complete the guillotine there.

5 – again, as you go for the guillotine, release the guillotine and drive it under his arm. Lift for stockade neck crank, or dismount and do stockade from the side

6 – bring your leg up under his arm, then over his neck. Grab your foot and drive your shin into his neck for a choke.

7 – bring your arm to the opposite side his head, fall to the side, base your leg back, grab his foot and pull it toward you while driving your shin into the back of his calf

(Ok, I miscounted… there’s 8 submissions. Bonus!)

8 – put your foot between his legs, spin backwards to face his feet, grab his ankle, fall back and complete one of the leg locks in the video.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris