5 Chokes From Top Mount Position

I just filmed these 5 chokes from mount position for you to train on your Submission Master grappling dummy.

The key thing here is that they all start with your arm behind your opponents neck. Personally, I prefer to group my techniques this way because it make them easier to recall.

BTW, that’s one of the reasons the iGrapple is organized the way it is… for easier recall of your techniques.

They are demonstrated on the Submission Master grappling dummy.

The first choke is more of a throat crush than a choke. You’ll use your chest on your fist to increase the pressure on his throat.

The second one just moves your hand to the side and put the pressure on his carotid artery for more of a choke than a neck crush.

The third choke is a fist choke, using the knuckles of your fist against his carotid artery.

The fourth technique is more of a neck crank than a choke. Very powerful technique, so use it with caution in training or sport.

And the final one is basically a rear naked choke done from the front, but using your head to increase the force of your hand into the carotid artery for the choke.

Keep training!
Bob Dorris